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Exception: in the 4th house this can indicate the native being poor. This occurs when the Moon in its own navamsha or that of a bosom friend, plus aspected by:. Some of the main ones are:.

Yes, there are other Mahapurushas but they are not necessarily wealth indicators. According to Dr. Charak, Nabhasa yogas how the planets are grouped in a chart are often overlooked but play an important role by shedding much light on the inherent promise of a horoscope. Here are a few that are considered positive indicators with regard to wealth. Note: A Nala yoga shows fluctuating wealth and is listed as a difficult money yoga as well.

Here are a few yogas that can be difficult with regard to wealth showing little or no wealth or a loss of wealth.

Guru and Shani in Upachaya Houses | Ancient Science | Planets

Note there are many ways by which a Kemadruma can be cancelled! So, their mutual existence is so necessary for a balanced life. Anyways, the main categories in which houses are divided are as follows - Kendra Angular Houses - These are considered as the most important houses of horoscope.

Kendra Houses are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house, i. As they are 4 houses in total, they are called 4 pillars of horoscope. These are 1st, 5th and 9th house. Together these 3 houses make a triangle, that's why named as Trikona houses. Again shows why 1st house or ascendant is most important house of our horoscope, as it is part of Kendra houses as well as Trikona houses.

Besides these, 12 houses were divided into further 4 categories of 3 houses each. These 4 categories are our 4 Purusharths which we need to achieve in this lifetime, i. Death Inflicting Houses. In this Article, we are going to discuss about what Upachaya Houses represent and why they give results after mids? So, Upachaya Houses represent following things - 3rd house - It is house of your communication skills, neighbors, short distance travels, younger siblings, marketing, announcements, collecting information, hobbies and skills, self-efforts, business, courage etc.

A mere glance at the portfolio of each of the houses above is enough to understand why these houses or planets in these houses give good results after mid-life. Here is the reason - 3rd house is basically house of Efforts, Business, Communication etc. We need to put the same effort many a times to improve. In the KP, the 'Placidius' system of reckoning the house is followed ie longitude to longitude or the 'Cusp Rule'.

In KP for any event ie childbirth, marriage, education etc normally one Main Bhava cusp and other two bhavas are taken into consideration along with the sub-lord of the Main cusp.

Upachaya Houses Aka "Increasing" Houses.

Example: For childbirth: Houses 2,5 and 11 and main cusp sub lord of V is taken into account. The 2nd house shows the increase in the number of the member of the family by birth of children; the 5th house is for offspring progeny and the 11th house is not only the fruit of one's action but also the 5th house to the 7th -partner.

Any child!

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Whether one is promised child or not is to judged from the 5th cusp main One will be able to produce children if the following three conditions are simultaneously satisfied - i the sublord of the 5th cusp is not retrograde ii it is not posited in a constellation of a retrograde planet and iii it is a significator of either 2nd or 5th or 11th house. If any one of three conditions is not satisfied, one will not be able to produce a child at all.

By application of the above rule if the answer is positive childbirth is promised. Then the next question is when? One has to select the significators of houses 2,5 and 11 and the timing will be during the conjoined period of the string significators. Note: If the sublord of the V cusp is retrograde or otherwise a strong significator.

There will be delay till the sublord becomes direct in offering the positive result.

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If however, if the sublord of the V cusp is retrograde and is posited in a constellation whose lord is also a retrograde planet, then it will result only in a failure. Retrograde theory does not apply to Birth- Natal charts. Methodology and Practical Examples To apply the scheme of analysis from Horary Astrology point of view, events-everyday for one year is collected. Then some important events of about 30 are segregated out this list. Since they are daily events, Moon and Lagna are given the prime consideration for analysis to understand the occurrence of the event along with the other planetary configuration.

The event occring on a particular day at a particular time will be differnet for differnet persons. Hence it is necessary to link the event with the natal birth chart of the individual depending on the Vimsottari Dasa periods running on that day and this type of event should be broadly visible in the natal birth chart.

Four examples are discussed below with respect to Horary astrology linking it with the Natal birth Chart. Example 1: Event- Visit to temple, Date , B: AM P.

Chapter 35 – Classification of Houses

B: Long A: Bhadra2 Jup; Asc. Sign Makara : Sat, Asc. Further Moon's transit in Ketu star Moola in Dhanus in 9 again confirms spiritual knowledge.

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Significance of 5th bhava has already been discussed above. The 10th house apart from other things indicates inclination to pilgrimage to holy places. This Merc is posited in Rahu star and Jup sub the analysis of which has already been made So the event in question is broadly and clearly signified in the natal chart also.

For Natal birth chart please refer above. Example 2; Event- Visit to hospital-eye trouble, Date , 9. Ven is Karaka for eyesight. Taurus denotes right eye and Pisces denotes the left one.

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Sat is in the star of Mer who is lord of 6 in 1. Moon is lord of 7 posited in 2, Sookshma lord Jup is lord of 12 posited in 2. The Eye specialist diagnosed that the sore was due to allergy caused by pollution and the right eye is more defective than the left eye due to setting of a cataract. For natal chart please refer above. Example 3: Event- Expenditure-Issue of check, Date , Horary ascendant sublord Sat who is in the star of Ketu. This Sat aspects the 2nd bhava. Moon As lord of 8 is posited in So the above significators 2,7,10,12 etc are clear indication of issue of check i.

Jup is placed in 2 in the natal chart. Jup is aspected by Ketu who is Sookshma lord in both the charts. So it can be seen that natal chart broadly confirms the event marriage Please note that in both the natal and transit charts, the ascendant and all other cusps bhavas are one and the same.

It is emphasized that unless an event is promised broadly in the natal chart the actual occurrence of the event may not materialize with the transit of the planets in the Horary astrology. The event on a particular day and particular time will be different for different individuals and unless the event is linked with the natal birth chart the fructification of the event may not be realized for the particular individual.

upachaya houses astrology Upachaya houses astrology
upachaya houses astrology Upachaya houses astrology
upachaya houses astrology Upachaya houses astrology
upachaya houses astrology Upachaya houses astrology
upachaya houses astrology Upachaya houses astrology
upachaya houses astrology Upachaya houses astrology

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