February 8 horoscope aries or aries

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If you need advice on finances, seek or give advice and share your knowledge, especially on legal issues. That way you will get to the desired outcome, make a new strategy and place the last piece of the puzzle. Remember the beauty of the natural world and think about what you can do to leave planet Earth in a better state for future generations: desire, pain, and the physical body will go away, and all that is left is consciousness and good deeds. Believe in the talents, knowledge and experiences you have and teach by your own example: now is the time for the student to become a teacher.

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If you were a little scared what life would look like with MERCURY retrograde and were frustrated, you will now find that you are moving steadily into the future, already having an idea of what to put your efforts into. Determined, controlled and focused, grasp the TAURUS by its horns and have faith in yourself: manage your energy to overcome adversity and limitations.

We are living in a time of rapid change, which is the result of our determination to find new solutions.

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There are a few aspects activated in the sky and every situation changes so abruptly that you need to have a backup plan, to follow your intuition and internal compass that tells you the right direction and value. The truth is the Universal Law that radiates around us with the power of a million Suns: correct the untruth without prejudice and get rid of it. Confess, acknowledge and be wise, removing the half-truths from your life. If something seems to be untrue, don't settle down and let yourself be seduced by illusions.

This is a wonderful day for work, crafts and commerce: if people are drawn to you, it's because you radiate charisma, focus, determination, and believe in your vision. They are here to help you and fully support you in becoming successful. Follow your own pace and take time to stroll in nature: let the sun's rays caress you and breathe evenly without letting your mind wander. When you do so, you will realise that you are free from any frustration. On Monday Nov. Mercury will cross in front of the sun, as seen from Earth, a process known as a transit.

Although the last transit of Mercury occurred only three years ago, the next won't happen until and won't be visible from North America. These rare events provide the opportunity for scientists to gather both new scientific observations and re-creations of historical ones. Because it is closer to the sun than Earth, Mercury constantly passes between our planet and our star.

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  • But its orbital plane doesn't quite line up with Earth's, so most of the time it appears to dip either above or below the sun when seen from our planet. Only when Mercury's orbit crosses the plane of the Earth as it appears in line with the sun is a transit visible. Such transits are rare; this will be the fourth of 14 to happen this century.

    Family will present their system of support later in life, just as much as impatience of their parents could damage their perception of the world. As these numbers combine we come to the second level of numeral values that leads us to the story of the Sun and Pluto, speaking of Unity that needs to find confirmation in their personality and their relationships with the world.

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    With such colorful emotional world and their Sun already in detriment in Aquarius, it is not an easy task for these individuals to incorporate all unconscious and subconscious contents into their aware Self to feel whole. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 8th of a leap year and two years preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 8th of a year following a leap year:.

    These two symbols obviously speak of Mars and the Moon combined once again, and the active and passive energies within. Their heart has something to say, but fires need to be quenched first, and all anger issues must be resolved so that messages from the heart can be heard.

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    Until then, the feminine and sensitive will only serve to build understanding and extinguish what burns in this person's Soul. While battles of those born on the 8th of February rage on and create a strong ripple in their emotional world, we will see that their only goal in this life is to find self-respect as a result of emotional acceptance. Their mission hides in their personality, acknowledgement, and the way they can shine in the real world, leading others towards self-awareness and a healthy ego. A deep change they need to go through won't be easy, and most of them will find to be different from their family, their genetics and any ties to the past they have grown up in.

    Happiness in love hides beyond personal growth in the world of those born on the 8th of February, and their relationships could be true emotional rollercoasters until they learn who they are and how their differences can be used for the greater good.

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    Since the challenge of understanding between them and other people is at work here, they will always have emotions to share, and be involved with people with unclear boundaries that might hurt them and show to be dishonest in some way. Only as they get to know their own personality with all its strengths and weaknesses, will they progress to relationships that bring fulfillment and stay on a safe distance filled with mutual respect. It is not their goal to find someone to merge into one with, but to find someone who can be complete without them, to create a truly functional bond where both partners are self-sufficient, in love and happy.

    The first part of their life will usually point them in a direction that allows them to help those that were bruised, or send them on a chase for goals of their parents. This is an unconscious need to move on in a certain direction, in a pace given to them by other people. As they grow older, they will start to discover their true talents. They will excel in sports, active workplaces, and environments that allow them to interact with people openly and freely.

    In time, they become successful managers, leaders, and public figures that have something to share with the world.

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    • Guided by a powerful Martian energy that needs to relate to their hearts, individuals born on the 8th of February need something for kundalini awakening and the best stone to support them is Stichtite. It is a crystal with a profoundly loving vibration that is used to heal emotional matters that are unresolved and find forgiveness. As a very protective stone, it will create a shield around them that will protect them from negativity and leave enough room for them to deal with matters of the past they need to heal.

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      A birthday present for a person born on February 8th is always tricky to find, simply because they wish to be more serious or less sensitive than they really are. More often than not, their passion will burn a bit too brightly, but they need time to learn that it is a gentle approach that will keep it functional and calm.

      february 8 horoscope aries or aries February 8 horoscope aries or aries
      february 8 horoscope aries or aries February 8 horoscope aries or aries
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      february 8 horoscope aries or aries February 8 horoscope aries or aries
      february 8 horoscope aries or aries February 8 horoscope aries or aries

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