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You accept the surrounding environment and familiar events without resistance. Both good and bad. You do not have a creed that you will not refuse those who come, you just do not care.

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You can become sociable and you may be in occupation to be in contact with people, but mostly you like to be alone. No matter how praised you are from the world,You would think that a remote, isolated place is better. You will not rush to the top position without looking at others at work. Because you are innocent, you lack the powerfulness and severity to live life forcefully. If you choose, you may stay at the lower level because it is comfortable. Even though you have enough qualities, you just can not believe yourself. So, you always have doubts about choices and decisions related to work.

On the other hand, you are endowed with friends, colleagues, families, or neighbors who support you sincerely.

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In the role of an intermediary who will bring people together, you spare no time and do others. You may be entrusted with an important department with some sort of orderly system. Then, you will have conflicts between personal beliefs and expected roles. You take care of private life and you think you need to protect yourself, so you rarely put yourself in a vulnerable situation. Even if you want a bond of deep mind, you may just be disappointed. You can make good friends, but as soon as you are bound a little, you will draw. Even though the other person showed a favor, if you suddenly turned away from her or him, she or he got a big shock.

You have very rich emotions, but you hide intense desire, desire, fear etc under the face of an innocent child. You have a bright and positive character, but you lack self-cognitive ability and dislike psychoanalysis etc, so once you fall down you will take time to recover and you may get heavy depression. If you are depressed, in a way it is a great opportunity to face your own deep psyche, so do not waste it. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 8th of a leap year, and two years following it:.

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From these two symbols, we can see that March 8th is all about performance, for it is a parade and something to show, that has a note of mystery added to it. The first symbol speaks of a celebration of a religious holiday, giving religion itself an important role in the way one is directed in life. The second symbol keeps things under a tent of mystery, that keeps out people who don't belong to the "village" or a social community of sorts.

In general, both symbols speak of connecting between different people through religion and convictions, or fun and horizon widening.

March 28 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

When we speak of the direction each person born on March 8th will take, we need to keep in mind that their setpoint is always found in the depth of their own heart. Starting from certain family circumstances, it is their mission in life to find the truth of their own Soul, becoming truly gentle and loving towards the outer world, people in it, and their own existence. Self-acceptance is supposed to be found and light their way, and if any other motive starts pulling them forwards, they will feel the need to anesthetize their own dissatisfaction.

In the world of Pisces, love is always something that needs to be found, and along with it, inspiration, creative expression and feelings of childish joy. Individuals born on March 8th will allow their instincts to guide the way too many times. This could lead to some poor choices that damage their own emotional world.

Their hearts are much more fragile than they are ready to allow them to be, and this creates an inner conflict, making them cross too many of their own boundaries in the attempt to compromise. When they are set on their mission in life, love will come as a natural consequence, and they don't really need to look that far.

March 28 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

Whatever it is that makes them feel fulfilled will bring the right kind of partnership into their life, and they will be the one to lead the way, using the unified strenght of the Two to make progress. Once love is found, it becomes an essential part of their being and their everyday life, and they will not settle until they discover the state of peace and home with someone close to their heart.

Each person born on the 8th of March has something to fight for. This fact in itself will make them excel in all sorts of martial arts, and their best choices will get them in touch with the heart and joyful activities just the same.

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A very good choice for them would be capoeira or any form of acrobatic dancing. Some of them will find their true expression in religious teachings, or teaching of any kind, sharing their knowledge and life philosophy with the masses and anyone who comes into their life.

March 28 Aries Personality

Sphalerite is the stone to give spiritual grounding to persons born on March 8th, helping them get rid of any form of exhaustion or fatigue. Beneficent for the nervous system, this is a stone that is best used by those who often visit spiritual realms and perceive reality differently than others.

Such a crystal helps one discern between reality and dreams, clearing up the sky of illusion or foggy images of the mind.

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  4. Direction in life becomes clear with its use, as well as the steps leading a person to their final destination. The most constructive gift for a person born on the 8th of March is always something to aid their currently chosen direction in life.

    It is something practical needed for actual progress in the area that interests them, and they need to be supported by such presents, especially if they were wanderers, rarely understood in their seemingly random activities by other people. They want to learn, expand their horizons, and something to change their perspective. Give them a book with several endings or a puzzle that can be solved in more than one way. It is the mystery of tomorrow and everything that might be influenced by free will, that truly sparks their Piscean curiosity.

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