Date of birth 21 march numerology for marriage

Numbers that indicate problems in a search of the lifetime partner

For example, if you have been born on the 27th of June , your numbers will be One more example: the 8th of July will look like this: if you get the single digit numbers. Number 8 may mean that there is a possibility of the late marriage. Certain marital problems are common for such couples. Couples married on the 4th date or the date where a combination of numbers is 4, for example, 13, 22, 31 are going to suffer from financial problems, which will be the reason of separation.

According to numerology, the lack of money will have the permanent character. Number 5 as the wedding date, or the combination of numbers, which sum is 5 after getting a single unit 14, 23 , indicates problems because of selfishness. Partners are going to break up because they will lack mutual understanding, which is the basis of the happy family life. If there are number 8 or numbers of marriage dates, which create a single unit 8 17, 26 , then there is a risk of suffering from separation much more compared to the previous numbers. Number 8 is the most horrible date to choose as this choice may result in the separation because of the death of one of the partners or even both, mental or physical torture or other awful things.

According to the observations, first only numbers 4,5,8 were unlucky ones but then it turned out that the combinations, which result in these numbers have the same bad influence on the married life. Moreover, the reason of separation varies from number to number. Numerology says that the guarantee of a successful marriage is a choice of a lifetime partner taking into account the birth number. The key to happy marriage is good vibrations as bad vibrations lead to bad marriage. Character traits, corresponding to the birthday number 1, adequately affect the choice of partner for family life.

The leader needs a partner who will follow him. That is, an intelligent, capable, competent and independent person, ready, however, to follow you without reasoning. And — only voluntarily. Your life will never be measured and calm. You have a fascinated nature and love variety. You often change direction and mode of action under the influence of circumstances.

And your partner should be ready for this. Otherwise, there will necessarily be a day when you have to choose between the family and the business of your life. As for love and sex, then these people at a fairly early age have a lot of connections. As a rule, it is very difficult for them to choose one partner.

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They are attracted to representatives of the opposite sex, seriously related to life and marriage. Such people are mostly sexual. They aspire to leadership in family relations. Many of them do not understand that marriage or another partnership involves an alliance of equals, not only in bed but also outside it.

They usually become loving parents and are the main ones in the family.

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They are especially worried about preserving the family as a dynasty. In the event of an unsuccessful marriage, they may initiate a divorce. People with birthday number 1 have good chances with those who have the following birthday dates: the period between 21st Julythe August, 21st Novemberth December, 21st Marchth April. Love relations are possible with partners who have numbers 1,4,5,7 and their multiples. People with the number 4 will make perfect matches for number 1 as they will follow them in everything and never forsake.

The same can be said about people with number 8, who will be ready for everything to make number 1 happy. According to numerology observations, marriages with the people having these numbers are also going to be happy. However, normal married life will not always mean real love between partners.

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  5. A man with the birthday number 1 is going to be a good husband who will love his family. Generosity is one of his main features. However, he wants everyone to follow and obey him. A woman with number 1 has a passionate nature. She needs a romantic man who will have the same temperament. A woman with number 1 is an attractive personality who always has many people around her. The marriage will be unhappy because of difficulties to understand each other. Nobody will want to compromise.

    Remember that if you marry people with 7 and 9, you may expect separation and even divorce because of financial problems and many other issues, which arise because of the lack of understanding between the partners. Number 2 is sensitive and sociable. This sensitivity can cause increased emotionality and make them defenseless, insecure.

    Sometimes this also helps them to find harmony in their relations and to settle differences between people. They prefer peaceful resolution of conflict situations and are capable of cooperation.

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    They can be good partners. They are trustful, modest and kind. They radiate warmth and tenderness and expect the same from those they love. They strive for a quiet home atmosphere. They are affected by the surrounding emotional background. There may be an uncertainty in the life position, sometimes it is difficult for them to make the right choice.

    Unintentional outbursts of emotion or depression occur. There may show suspiciousness and subconscious fears. In most cases, they are stable in a relationship. Best lifetime partners for them are those who were born from the 21st of October to 20th November, 19th Februaryth March as well as those who have numbers 2,4,6 as their birthday numbers. A perfect match is a person with number 7. People with 2 and 7 may expect a successful marriage based on love and strong attraction. Such partners will be rich in all senses of this word. People with 3 and 6 can be partners for marriage as well. However, if a wife has numbers 6,15,24 it is not very good for a husband as she is likely to give preference to the richer man.

    Number 2 can marry those with numbers 4 and 8. This union will not be as ideal as with 7 and not as good as with 3 or 6.

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    One type of man number 2 is going to be the boss in his own family while the other type is going to be passive. There are men who are marrying because of financial stability. However, men with number 2 are loving by their nature. There is no need to doubt that a wife with number 2 is able to cheat on you.

    She is devoted and has a loving heart. However, there is one thing that should be taken into account- her mood may change quite often. A husband of such wife will not be disturbed much but number 2 wife will do the planned things without an approval of her husband. Separation maybe not the worst thing that can happen to such spouses as number 1 is able to file false accusations and even send to jail the person with number 2.

    People born on the 2d may have some sex scandals in their life. The desire for self-expression and optimism distinguish these people. Possess courage, passion, independence of spirit, charm. Very sociable, at the first opportunity, they hurry to express their opinion, often not very tactful. They do not know the fear, either physical or moral. They have great energy, mental and physical. They are curious and versatile, they are interested in a variety of subjects.

    Like trying everything new. They are capable to be engaged in several affairs at once. They give themselves to their beloved completely. They do not like to puzzle over the problems, believing that life will put everything in its place. They quickly adapt to any situation, trying to learn as much as possible in life. Any experience is considered a boon, believing that even troubles are a useful life lesson. They are able to create favorable opportunities for themselves in personal relationships as well.

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    With the help of their energy and quick mind, they can achieve a great deal when they learn self-control, self-discipline, and concentration of energy in one direction. Their partners should be gentle and complaisant if they want to keep the passing affection of the spouse. Under no circumstances should they seek equality.

    date of birth 21 march numerology for marriage Date of birth 21 march numerology for marriage
    date of birth 21 march numerology for marriage Date of birth 21 march numerology for marriage
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