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Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology

By: Donna Cunningham on April 14, at pm. I have Tropical …. I guess the Mercury ascendant combination gives me a anxious disposition from what I read, and I DO have a anxious disposition. Chiron quincunx Mars creates terrific transmutative force, as do all quincunxes to Chiron. You will find very few natives with this position who are closed to consciousness expansion, but you will find many who yearn for more awareness but do not know how to attain it.

As always with quincunxes, the energy never stops pushing toward manifestation.

Because of the basic tension involved in aspects between Mars and Chiron, this aspect will mainly result in constant tension with a lot of resolution. Chart 37 is the chart of a priest who has been leading transformative walks to holy sites. He has great charisma, and his drive to bring in great energy is strengthened by the Mars quincunx Chiron. His South Node in Virgo shows he was a healer in past lives who has come to communicate ecstasy the North Node in Pisces in the third house.

Mars quincunx Chiron is a difficult aspect to develop, but there is great potential for continual new levels of awareness. Chiron quincunx Mercury natives think of themselves as servers, and their thought processes are constantly occupied in finding a way to give of themselves in the deepest way.

Heinous Hybrids—Why the Quincunx is No Minor Aspect | Sky Writer

They cannot tolerate trivia; they are driven to find something significant when they are very young. The power of Mercury quincunx Mercury activates once they have discovered significant work. These natives are no good at just being ordinary; the awareness of their eventual destiny occupies them almost from birth.

This position creates a holistic mind, a mind that works with broad and large cycles and processes, and Uranus tends to be more activated than Saturn by the quincunx. The key to balance is for these natives to leam to use Saturn discipline. Chart 28 of the astrologer has Mercury quincunx Chiron. In the early years, she mastered so much information in so many fields that it was hard to discriminate and focus.

With the focus of Saturn, the Saturn ruled Mercury in Capricorn began to function well after much work on past life information. The above descriptions make a lot of sense to my personality. That describes my moon in cancer quincunx mercury alright! I try to shake myself out of it but it takes a few days covered over bu new life experiences.

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Thank you, Donna, for the deeper insight! By: yvonne on April 15, at pm. All I know is that would mean big and deep. Jupiter is at 0 Virgo and 28 Leo is Pluto. My Chiron wound is 1 Aquarius which is quincunx to Virgo and that Aquarius wound really messed up my Midheaven all my life. Seems like the only hope to mix unmixable things is to move so your chart changes or grow older. So to do something deep and far reaching for Aquarius is difficult because whY?

Seems like the healer and the detached humanitarian should mix. Earth and air make a dust storm. A dust storm can uncover a treasure hidden in the earth or blind those who would harm. Interesting forum. I found your website to be really useful. I have a question though.

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It pertains to yod. When looking at different websites there is mixed information as to whether MC,ASC and smaller planets like chiron can be taken as a planet in understanding a yod configuration. So it would be great if you can shed more light on this. Welcome, Moli. Yes, from years of observation, both natally and by transit, those points do seem to come to play in a Yod. There are 5 articles about the quincunx in that series, so do look at the rest.

By: Donna Cunningham on June 21, at am. It is hell. I have difficulties in getting in touch with how I feel.

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Any ideas in how to deal with this aspect? By: Donna Cunningham on July 14, at pm. Birth chart: Mars in the 1st House quincunx Jupiter my chart ruler in the 6th House and Uranus in the 8th.

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Funny, some of the examples you chose…are me. How does it work? With Mars close to Asc 7 degrees and the Uranus quincunx, my energy is sporadic, erratic and often unexpected. I often make a good impression, but sometimes people seem intimidated by me. Mars is a warrior, and Jupiter quincunx can make me seem like a formidable enemy. Partly because of my intensity, with Scorpio Moon. It seems this manifests in some boundary issues…. Relationships tend to get confused when you throw Venus in the quincunx mix: 11th House….

What a stew. Difficult to keep it all private with 4 planets in the 10th House! But you may have guessed there are secrets….. Speaking of protecting hearts, I mathematically subtract points at the beginning of an illusion of perfection, and add points when people inevitably disappoint. Reciprocity is a pre-requisite and though it feels calculating, heads off resentment. I also try to assess outcomes before drawing my sword and charging in.

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There are many worthy battles, but I am a warrior, not an army. I am just fed up with trying to defend myself and have walked away from all of them. Do you think these progressed and natal planets in quincunxes describe this situation at all?

I also have progressed MC 12 Pisces in12th quincunx natal and progressed Neptune in 6th ruler of 12th. Hi, Mary. I have certainly seen and felt them work by transit. By: Donna Cunningham on December 28, at pm. Do degrees sort of determine a Quincunx? Or is it the placement of the Signs and Planets? Or the 12 Houses? I know Capricorn which is the tenth sign and is associated as rulingh the tenth house Quincunx Leo. Having a Pisces Sun in the 5th house, which is naturally connected to the Sun and Leo repeats the theme of the aspect and so makes it stronger.

It would be impossible to have Pisces and Leo side by side in adjoining houses. They will always be 5 signs and most likely 5 houses apart. By: Donna Cunningham on December 1, at pm.

I just used the side-by-side things of houses as an example lol.

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